GOAL: Today's foundation is tomorrow's success!

MISSION: The mission of Marion Academy is to equip students with a quality education in a safe, Christian environment that prepares them to excel in higher education, the work force, and life.

VISION: Marion Academy will be a high quality academic school with at least 135 students, with talented and dedicated teachers, with personal attention for all students, and with a substantial business plan.


Marion Academy believes that:

  • All students can learn.
  • All students should have a safe, disciplined school that places emphasis on Christian morals and beliefs.
  • All students should be accountable for their educational goals, success, and behavior.
  • Education is a shared responsibility between church, home, school, and community as a whole.
  • Educated citizens are vital to society.
  • Progress in education, the community, and individuals requires a willingness to change.

Marion Academy Board of Directors

Mr. Jeff Nail, chairman

Mr. Cal Phillips, vice chairman

Dr. Shane Lee

Dr. David Potts

Mr. Lucius Rayfield

Mrs. Lyn Royster

Mr. Brad Sturgis

Mr. Leigh LeCroy

Mr. Johnny Tubbs

Rev. Brandt Hammack